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Energiesprong is a revolutionary, whole house refurbishment and new build standard and funding approach.

The Energiesprong standard focuses on creating desirable homes that people love to live in. An Energiesprong retrofit uses the money that would normally be paid on energy bills and maintenance to pay for the works.

The Energiesprong approach can do this while assuring the cost of living does not go up, because the standard guarantees real life performance for both indoor comfort and energy use for up to 40 years.

To date, Bow Tie Construction have designed and built six Energiesprong retrofits for Sutton Housing Partnership and are on site with a further two. These retrofits include YESporch, Bow Tie’s solution for housing of modern net zero carbon heating and ventilation systems.

In partnership with the Geoffrey Osborne Group, Bow Tie have a place on the Retrofit Accelerator Homes Innovation Partnership which will see us delivering volume retrofits for Sutton over the next five years.

Bow Tie bring a unique combination of skills to the table for any main contractor, council or landlord considering Energiesprong retrofit.

We have in-house:

  • Retrofit surveyors who can create retrofit conditions surveys in line with PAS 2035 requirements.
  • Designers who create planning and construction drawings in 3D.
  • Energy modellers who ensure the proposed retrofits meets the funding scope.
  • Cost estimators who price the job as it moves through RIBA stages, ensuring it can be delivered to the specified budget.
  • Elite Passivhaus experienced builders for whom the holistic whole house retrofit approach is their bread and butter.
  • PAS 2035 Retrofit Coordinators

Please get in touch to discuss any potential projects or to learn more about our completed projects