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Retrofit – Towards a Sector-Wide Roadmap 2020

Published on by Bow Tie Construction

In September of 2019 Bow Tie Construction’s Business Development Manager and Passivhaus Designer attended an event at the Connected Cities Catapult in London. The goal was to canvas opinion from construction sustainability professionals to advise BEIS and Innovate UK on what approaches to retrofit should be prioritised for funding in 2020.

Hagop was then invited back in November to expand on his ideas. This advice has been compiled in to a downloadable report. Hagop made considerable contributions which are outlined on pages 22 and 23. He states:

“The UK should create a national database of existing housing stock so we can identify how many of each house/building type needs improvement measures. This will simplify the job for housing associations and councils have when assessing their existing stock. It will be a digital twin of sorts.”

“We should then establish a software kit-of-parts that can use AI and machine learning to propose measures to meet specific u-values. Data from successful retrofit projects and approved construction details will have been fed it into it. This prevents duplication of work as architects and energy consultants up and down the country are often asked to design measures for building types that exist nationally, with varying results.”

The report can be downloaded here

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