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Exquisite Sustainable Residences

Award-winning Notting Hill Deep Retrofit

Existing and Proposed Views

Thinking Global, Constructing Local

Bringing Net Zero Retrofit to London’s Social Housing with Energiesprong Design and Build

Retrofit Installer of the Year 2022

Building Dreams

We guide and support our clients from conception to completion.

London’s Low-Energy Builder

We utilise Passivhaus principles to deliver comfortable and energy efficient homes

Build it once, build it exquisite!

Whether you’ve set your heart set on a low energy new build home, an extension or loft conversion, or another eco-build project, we’ll be happy to discuss options to see how we can help.

The foremost comfort and efficiency standard

We have many years of delivering Passivhaus design, which is fast becoming the world-leading approach in environmentally friendly housing.

If you’re looking for a builder with the highest levels of experience, expertise, and attention to detail, we have the perfect combination of all three.

Finest Quality

Our commitment to quality is at the core of every project we work on.

Energy Efficient

We utilise Passivhaus principles to improve comfort and energy performance of your home.

Smart Automation

We install intelligent home automation and appliance monitoring systems to make life easier.

Cloud-Based Project Management System

Our project management software helps clients, architects and build crews with instant communication.

Why Passivhaus

Integrating Passivhaus standard principles into a building allows you to enjoy the following benefits:

Free of condensation, damp and mould at 17°+
Passivhaus requires all surfaces within the building envelope to remain above 17° Celsius without any input from the heating system. 17° is the dew point of water. As a result all Passive houses are free of condensation and resultant mould.
Uniform comfortable temperature
The MVHR system ensures that heat is spread evenly throughout the house. Triple glazed windows are free of any cold radiant effect. You can comfortably sit next to them in mid-winter.
Triple glazed windows have excellent sound insulation qualities making Passivhaus an ideal choice for noisy locations that were previously deemed unsuitable for housing.
Reduced heat demand = smaller heating system
The heating system in a Passivhaus is typically 1/4 the size of an that in an equivalent building.
Go off-grid with renewables
Passivhaus is so efficient that it is possible to go off-grid with Heat Pumps and Solar Panels.
High standard = low maintenance
Passivhaus is much more rigorous than traditional building. As a result the house will require less maintenance and repairs over time.

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🎉 We are proud to share that our design team attended a fantastic airtightness CPD workshop prepared by SIGA last week! Our team got hands-on experience with high-quality airtight tapes and learned the importance of airtightness and SIGA solutions in various applications.

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Many of our construction services are provided by our in-house specialists. From excavation, demolition, site preparation and foundations to kitchen fitting, brickwork, restoration and cleaning - we do it all 🏗️. Take a look👇

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We led a consortium to design the UK's first net zero carbon multi-unit building retrofit. Our award-winnng retrofits can provide many benefits, including: ✅ Elimination of fuel poverty for residents ✅ Increased amenity space Read more here...

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Our design team recently attended EWI Pro's Silicone Render Systems training course, equipping us with the knowledge to design and install systems proficiently. We gained an overview of various solutions, fixings, and best practices. Excited to put our new skills to use! #EWIPro

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