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Project Management Platform

A dedicated place for all project information and communication.

Some years ago we became frustrated with the amount of extraneous paperwork generated by building projects and the lack of accurate cost control mid project.

To remedy this we began using cloud based project management software to help us, our architects and our clients keep track of the progress of each of our sites.

We have since rolled it out all our foremen and all our sites, giving you the power to see what is happening every hour of every day on your project.

Our software enables:

  • Computer, tablet and smartphone access to project data 24/7/365
  • One location for all information and communication related to the building project.
  • Clients to see the entire process on-site with access to all daily photos and videos taken by our foremen.
  • Stakeholders to approve documents, and see invoices for large orders.
  • Clients to make selections such as materials, windows, floor finishes, colours and tiles. We give you options and you choose, or create your own product and pricing options.
  • Help-desk style tracking of queries and responses grouped to relevant construction elements.
  • Stakeholders to generate change orders when their selections change.
  • Clients to view and approve requests for extra work.
  • Day-by-day cost control so stakeholders can see how much has been allocated for each level of the construction schedule and how much has been spent to date.
  • Constant access to latest versions of insurance documents, contracts, drawings and all contacts for key contractors.
  • Storage and archive of all snagging, guarantee and warranty information.
  • Reduced administration workload and associated costs allowing us to bid more competitively.
  • Automatic logging of weather conditions.

Our software eliminates:

  • Lengthy email discussions that can be hard to find at a later date.
  • Having to keep track of all physical paperwork.
  • “When you said X I thought you meant Y” – all changes, decisions and the date they were made are recorded on the system for all to see.
  • Any Confusion over ongoing project costs.
  • Any delay between seeking logged information and obtaining it.

Our software aids the Passivhaus certification process:

  • Photographs of every invoice and package label are logged
  • Progress photos of key construction elements are logged
  • The certifier can track construction progress without visiting site and if necessary can flag areas that need change. Regular checks to the software is a better use of their budgeted time than journeys to site.

Not everything goes according to plan but because we have daily reports, if something goes wrong we have the opportunity to act straight away.

Our expertise in M&E installation has been recognised by Green Building Store and Loxone smart home intelligent systems and we are their recommended installers.

Recent Projects

Treadgold House

Notting Hill Mews House Retrofit

Max Fordham House

Reigate Passivhaus

    “My projects with Bow Tie are the only ones where I’ve left the contractor to follow my airtightness details and the projects have passed the 1st airtightness test.”

    – Justin Bere

    “We’re expecting a dramatic reduction in costs. We now know how much energy we’ve used (in March) and we rarely have the heating on compared to this time last year in our old house.”

    – Toni M

    “After 5 years of living here we are moving to the country and it breaks my heart to leave the beautiful house that you created for us. I wanted to say thanks again for the beautiful work that you did on our building – it’s been amazing to live in and you guys did a first class job. Would always recommend you if someone asked for an excellent contractor.”

    – Nick H

    “Bow Tie was a pleasure to work with. I think we were very lucky to find them. They gave me a very high level of confidence that all technical aspects were within their control and they knew what they were doing. This was a technical project and it was important for us to be comfortable on those matters. At the other end of the scale, they paid just as much attention to all the niggly, small decorative matters that become very important towards the end of the build. They were impressive right across the range of skills you have to have to get a project like this done well.”

    – Francis M

    “I was delighted with Bow Tie Construction and have recommended them to several friends and neighbours.”

    – Toni M