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Muswell Hill EnerPHit

EnerPhit Refurb of Semi-Detached House
Dominic O’Riordan
Contract Value
Circa £400k
Project Description

Refurbishment of 6 Bedroom home in Muswell Hill to the EnerPHit standard

  • “The house definitely meets expectations and exceeds them in some areas, the heat comfort is very big, the noise is much less than it was, overall very happy with it.”

    – Francis M
  • “Rafael is particularly knowledgeable about green issues and we now have a kitchen/breakfast room which is easy and cheap to heat in the winter and cool in the summer.”

    – Donald & Tania S
  • “I have enormous respect for Bow Tie as a contractor: It’s a real pleasure not having constant battles and headaches from a builder trying to do the bare minimum.”

    – Justin Bere
  • “Rafael was not only a competent builder but was fully involved in a complete refurbishment job from conception to realisation.”

    – Carole R
  • “Passing our air test the first time is testament to how well Bow Tie do things”

    – Justin Bere

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