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Know Your Home

While Know Your Home may have started as a project of Bow Tie Construction it has since become an independent company, dedicated to delivering O&M manuals and making home ownership simpler and more manageable for everyone. Find out more about it here.

Who are ‘Know Your Home’ users?

Contract Administrators
Facility Managers
Maintenance Contractors
Know Your Home Engineers

Why ‘Know Your Home’ for contractors?

Contractors hate creating O&M manuals for completed projects

Contractors rarely have the skills in-house to create manuals to the expected standard

3rd party O&M manual production costs start at £2000 and still require considerable contractor input

O&M Manuals are requirement to settle accounts, they can be an afterthought, treated as a hurdle to jump before payment

Good O&Ms are an Excellent marketing tool for builders showcase their attentiveness and client care.

Why ‘Know Your Home’ for residents?

You can find information about your home faster than Google

Rapidly mitigate most serious issues through informed, swift early action

Maintenance plan for your most valuable possession

Fast cloud access to emergency procedures

Active reminders and maintenance schedule

Excellent visual guide to home usage and maintenance

Know Your Home is currently under development. To be kept up to date please email us via our contact page.