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Energiesprong UK Design Competition Winner

Published on by Bow Tie Construction

Back in December of 2019 we were announced as winners of Energiesprong UK’s Research & Development competition. Our challenge is to deliver a scalable holistic concept design for a subject building, Treadgold House in Kensington. Our concept and team titled ‘BowTieSprong’ was awarded £30,000 of EU match funding to design a Net Zero Carbon retrofit system in line with the Energiesprong specification that would successfully deliver it’s comfort promise to all residents.

Our concept headlines include:

  • Meeting all required regulations and resident expectations with regards to safety
  • Bringing the building to near-Passivhaus levels of comfort and energy performance
  • Meeting the building’s hot water and heat demand using on-site renewables
  • Improving amenity space for residents by doubling the size of balconies
  • Placemaking opportunities for residents to leave a lasting visual legacy
  • Eliminating fuel poverty and the need for fossil fuels from the building
  • Expeditious adaptation to differing building forms within this archetype
  • Ready for supply and installation within 6 months
Energiesprong comfort promise

Who is in our team?

Bow Tie Construction team

Bow Tie Construction – London’s leaders in Passivhaus and low-energy construction and Retrofit. Over 20 completed individual retrofit projects

Gardner Stewart Architects – Award-winning architecture, masterplanning and urban design practice specialising in estate regeneration and large-scale residential retrofit work.

Mauer UK – Manufacturers of a unique external wall insulation system to address the challenges and obstacles faced in the current solid wall insulation market.

NILAN – Manufacturing of combined heat pump, MVHR and hot water systems in a compact unit.

The project is led by our Passivhaus designer and business development manager Hagop Heath-Matossian with a view to creating a system where buildability and economy of installation is prioritised throughout the process. This results in a corresponding drop in cost and installation duration and less disruption to in-situ residents. By prioritising the installation considerations during the design process, BowTieSprong eliminates previously inherent complexity risks and secures the quality of the product. The team is receiving direct advice and consultation from The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea.

The design is due for completion in July at which point we will be happy to discuss installation and costs with potential clients.

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