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Beaconsfield Barn – C4 Old House New Home

Published on by Bow Tie Construction

Our Beaconsfield Barn project was featured on George Clarke’s Old House New Home as an example of how to sensitively restore a historic barn while bringing in modern features and design. Skip forward to 20 minutes in to see the project.

Thermal Comfort

This project for Gresford architects started life as a traditional refurbishment. The client was open about our ideas on how to make the house more thermally comfortable year round and save money on bills. We injected spray foam insulation into the roof leaving the existing insulation boards in place.

There are several secret concealed doors throughout the house requiring a high standard of flush fit joinery. The stairs that George highlights during the segment were supplied at the incorrect size and were modified and installed on-site by managing director Rafael Delimata to prevent delays to the program.

This is a great example of a traditional looking property that has been upgraded to a high-performance, low-energy requirement house.

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