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Retrofit Installer of the Year 2022

Published on by Bow Tie Construction

We are very happy to have been won this award. We have been retrofitting in London for 10 years and it’s great to get industry recognition.

In the last year we have grown our design team from 1 to 5 and have created a bespoke workflow aimed at increasing efficiency, economy and design quality when working on volume retrofit projects. Instead of taking a property-by-property approach, we look at the property archetypes within a tranche to be retrofitted. We consider the budget per property and the energy performance requirements of the scheme. We design archetypical solutions that are then replicated out into fully product specified, construction ready information sets.

This was one of the most fiercely contested categories of the inaugural Retrofit Academy Awards, and what a selection of contenders our Judging panel had to choose from! But with a special commendation for EQUANS, it was Bow Tie Construction who cinched top place.

The Judges Criteria:

  • Innovative and effective installation, commissioning, and handover.
  • A client-centric approach to delivering retrofit.
  • Evidence of strategic commitment to driving the whole house retrofit agenda more widely.

For more in the award and to hear comment from Bow Tie’s innovation director Hagop Heath-Matossian, check the write-up and podcast on the Retrofit Academy Website

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