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3D Pre-Construction Coordination

Published on by Bow Tie Construction

We place a huge focus on reducing risk for our clients who’s builds are often extremely technically challenging with many bespoke items. At our Reigate project we implemented several processes to provide smooth communication between our structural engineer, steel fabricator and architect, who all worked from the same 3D model of the steel structure which we created.

We then built the rest of the house in 3D around the steel frame. All M&E and services routes were planned. Construction drawings of all junctions and details were incorporated. We model in Autodesk Inventor, a very high accuracy environment used by manufacturers and fabricators.

This has many benefits. It reduced time on site, it ensured high value items such as windows would fit first time. It made it much easier to convey to builders on site how to construct complex elements. We invite you to watch our video below where we take you from the 3D workflow to on-site delivery.

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