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Stamford Brook

Low-Energy Retrofit of 4 Bedroom Terraced House
Bere Architects
Contract Value
Circa £600k
Project Description

We are currently on-site with this project in Stamford Brook. It is a total retrofit and refurbishment in a conservation area with sash windows at the front elevation. A large basement is also being added. Due to planning constraints we are fitting internal insulation to the front elevation and external to the rear. A variety of insulation materials and thermal isolation techniques are being employed.

This is our third project with bere:architects who are well-known Passivhaus architects. We are grateful to have an open and fruitful collaborative relationship with them. We will shortly be starting a another project for Bere in Hammersmith and one in Oxford.

“We had a lot of people stay over Christmas, some quite elderly, who were concerned about being in a big old house in Winter and being cold and we received a lot of complements on the comfort and easy warmth. There is no higher accolade than complements on your house from your mother-in-law!”

– Toni M

“I did get the benefit of regular updates and involvement in the project so I could see the quality of the work.”

– Raza Rizvi

“Prewett Bizley and Bow Tie Construction worked very well in partnership which made our lives very easy.”

– Francis M

“My projects with Bow Tie are the only ones where I’ve left the contractor to follow my airtightness details and the projects have passed the 1st airtightness test.”

– Justin Bere

“We’re really lucky to have Bow Tie Construction working on our project. Thanks for all your fantastic work so far.”

– Nick H

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