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Augmented Reality X-Ray Vision for Construction

Published on by Bow Tie Construction

At Bow Tie Construction we capture our builds using 360 photos to create a virtual walkthrough of the project. We do this at different stages of the build to create a record for the client of all the service routes and locations of structural elements. It is both a quality check and quality control tool for us as our builders know the quality of their work will be permanently recorded.

The walkthrough is extremely useful for suppliers and can eliminate the need for subcontractor site visits, especially important given the risk of Covid19 transmission in 2020.

Once the building work is complete the walkthrough can be loaded onto a phone and the building skeleton viewed using augmented reality. This has huge benefits if there are ever defects or if building modification is required.

This approach would benefit the client of any construction site. It has added benefits for Passivhaus sites. It allows the certifier and the designer to check quality, airtightness and thermal bridge construction of the entire building without visiting the site. It documents the construction process in much greater detail than the mandatory photos required by Passivhaus certification. MVHR installers and suppliers are also able to inspect the quality of the installation prior to its obscuration by internal finishes or insulation.

As far as we know we are the only UK contractor undertaking this process and doing it as standard on every build.

If you like the video please leave us a comment and tell us what we should cover next.

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