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BowTieSprong Innovate UK R&D Grant

Published on by Bow Tie Construction

Bow Tie Construction have been awarded funding by Innovate UK to continue their research and development of a retrofit concept to bring urban low and mid-rise apartment buildings to net zero carbon. Initially funded by the EU’s ‘MustBe0’ program and Energiesprong UK, this further funding will bring the concept closer to the market and provides for development of bespoke elements which we intend to patent.

 Cutaway Perspective

We are working on ways to design and install external insulation panels that will deliver a step change in speed, efficiency and time predictability. These innovations are essential for the UK to make good on its COP21 climate change commitments to bring every building in the UK to net zero carbon by 2050.

Resident engagement and the resident experience of the retrofit process and living in the completed building remain at the core of the proposition. We look forward to sharing these findings more publicly when the project concludes mid 2021. You can view our Innovation Director’s Introduction to BowTieSprong on Youtube.

We are excited to be working with some excellent suppliers including VentiveSocial LandscapesMauer UK and the Active Building Centre

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