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UK innovation at Germany event

Published on by Bow Tie Construction

Bow Tie Construction team shares UK innovation at Germany event

Building the homes of tomorrow was on the agenda during a special trip to Germany.

Earlier this month, two members of the Bow Tie Construction team were proud to collaborate with European colleagues, as part of an event held by our partners at Energiesprong in Cologne.

As part of the three-day event, Director Rafael and Designer Alex were able to share and discuss different solutions for low-energy buildings with a common goal of building homes for a better, more sustainable and affordable future.

Rafael was pleased to lead a presentation on Bow Tie’s YESporch, a British designed and manufactured energy pod solution. Not only does the porch house modern low-power consumption, zero operation carbon heating systems that take up more space than fossil fuel powered systems, such as an air source heat pump, it also adds space for coats and shoes, freeing up space in tight hallways.

And the porch’s modern design can also improve the kerb appeal of any property.

Rafael said:

“We love to learn how other countries deliver super energy efficient refurbishments, which is why it was fantastic to collaborate with our partners at Energiesprong and showcase some of the technology that we have developed in net zero carbon construction.

“Energiesprong also kindly showed us some of their local projects in Germany, providing great inspiration for our own future work back in the UK”.

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