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Ventbox is a British designed and manufactured low energy, low impact Ventilation system aimed to tackle rising living costs in the UK.

The Ventbox system incorporates the latest in low energy MVHR technology to drastically improve the energy performance of your home without occupying space within the property. The Patent pending design of Ventbox , built to Energiesprong standards, striving to innovate within the retrofit solution industry and has been trialed in PAS 2035 projects. Currently meeting AECB CarbonLite Level 2 Standard, the Ventbox is not only high performance MVHR but is able to be installed while the home is occupied. Using offsite assembly where possible, we allow as little disruption to the homeowner as possible during the process.

Ventbox provides the Following:

  • Housing for MVHR system and ventilation manifold

  • In built performance monitoring system (optional)
  • 4g connectivity (optional)
  • Meets AECB CarbonLite Level 2 Standard performance
  • All M&E Equipment fitted and connected in the Ventbox factory

  • No planning permission required. Ventbox complies with permitted development

  • No need for internal boxing to house ducting
  • Short turnover on site: estimated 3 day installation
  • Occupier living at the property while installation is carried out
  • Proposal meets the EnergieSprong energy targets and ECO3 funding requirements
  • Safe guards your home for the future of energy consumption
  • Instructional videos + tutorial QR codes from Know Your Home (optional)

Utilising the latest low energy products

Currently Ventbox features Viessman MVHR equipment which is cost-effective and reliable with support from a global company and their team of engineers. Featuring bespoke Bow Tie Construction components, with a view to refine and innovate Ventbox to become a leading solution in low energy retrofit.

Fast and non-invasive installation process

Bow Tie are able to install all M&E equipment within Ventbox before it leaves the factory. With no need for foundations or heavy-duty equipment, Ventbox is able to be installed quickly to your external wall with only connections and equiptment commissioning to be performed on site. With thermally broken wall fixings, we can ensure the prevention of any thermal bridging within your low energy home solution.

Installed within External Wall insulation at the rear of the property, Ventbox becomes a more discreet finished product while allowing for non-invasive maintenance when necessary.

Exceptionally versatile

With one quick assessment we are able to provide a customised solution to fit the needs of your home. Ventbox can be installed within all types of EWI or panelised systems and can be integrated into a variety energy measures including ASHP, PV Panels or combi boilers. We can colour your Ventbox to suit your specific aesthetic needs, whether you are looking for something discreet or to make a statement we can fulfil your needs.

Its good for you !

The Ventbox system will not only reduce your overall energy outgoings but it will also improve the overall environment within the home. Through our system we are able to sustain comfortable ambient temperature throughout the home while providing clean filtered air to individual rooms. Furthermore the system will extract unwanted damp air from places such as the bathroom and kitchen which provides a healthier environment to live in.

We ensure quality

As part of the system, high quality PassiveHaus certified widows are fitted by certified experienced installers to ensure not only quality products but quality standard of work. When this is implemented in conjunction with PassiveHaus certified EWI systems and the Ventbox M&E Equipment, Bow Tie Construction is able to provide the most versatile low energy retrofit solution the UK has to offer.

How it works?

Vent box diagram

Ventbox utilises airtightness, EWI and heat recovery technology to provide you with an efficient and effective solution to low energy living. Through the implementation of PassiveHaus principles, high quality engineering and experienced installers/trades people, Bow Tie Construction’s Ventbox system is able achieve performance above and beyond retrofit project standards.

By controlling the flow of air that is allowed to enter and exit your home we are able utilise any heat generated within your home rather than waste it. Our heat recovery system extract any warm stale air from your home and use this heat to warm incoming clean filtered air.

The Ventbox will also control unwanted moisture within your home and under suspended timber flooring. Not only will we extract moisture from sources within your home such as kitchens and bathrooms, Ventbox sustains a flow of air under your suspended timber floor. This addition negates any need for underfloor insulation and will prevent the build up of any mould growth within the home while maintaining a controlled circulation of clean air.

We are constantly innovating

We are never satisfied with what we have and we are constantly pushing to innovate within the Eco-Construction industry. With our inhouse design team and prototyping capabilities, Bow Tie Construction are striving to push the envelop with what is possible within the low energy living sector. Ventbox version 2.0 is already in development so look out for more exciting news on our new and improved design, bringing low energy living to your doorstep.

Ventbox will be available for purchase within the UK very soon.