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Passive House Accelerator Article

Published on by Bow Tie Construction

Bow Tie Construction awarded “Retrofit Installer of the Year”

Mary James from Passive House Accelerator, the USA’s Passivhaus magazine wrote a glowing article celebrating our recent award for “Retrofit Installer of the Year” which we received from the Retrofit Academy. As the Retrofit Academy is the leading trainer and qualifier of retrofit professionals in the UK, we are thrilled with this honour.

We have been working towards industrialising and optimising many aspects of the deep energy retrofit process, with a goal to cut the costs of delivering these retrofits in half by 2025.

YESporch, our newest innovation, is a self-contained unit housing all the mechanical systems which can be installed on the exterior of a property in 3 days – therefore minimizing disruption and allowing for swift transition from gas to electricity.

You can read Mary James’ article here

“The award was given to Bow Tie in recognition of its demonstrated excellence and its work to develop approaches that can be scaled up while retaining a strong focus on residents’ experiences.”

– Mary James, Passive House Accelerator
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