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Testimonial Category: Fulls

Nick H

“After 5 years of living here we are moving to the country and it breaks my heart to leave the beautiful house that you created for us. I wanted to say thanks again for the beautiful work that you did on our building – it’s been amazing to live in and you guys did a first class job. Would always recommend you if someone asked for an excellent contractor.”

Donald & Tania S

“Rafael Delimata project managed an extension and new kitchen to our Victorian house in 2010. (…) We found him polite and enthusiastic, and very quick to grasp what we wanted from the build – he has great communication skills. He was involved from the beginning and contributed useful ideas and suggestions throughout the project. He is particularly knowledgeable about green issues and we now have a kitchen/breakfast room which is easy and cheap to heat in the winter and cool in the summer. Our previous experiences with builders have not been good – we are demanding clients with backgrounds in interior design, so we are probably not the easiest of customers, but we would have no hesitation in working with Rafael Delimata again and would recommend him to others.”

Toni M

“The Grade II listing permission required a lot of flexibility in the building, planning and scheduling and real close cooperation between Prewett Bizley and Bow Tie who managed very well, putting in contingencies and safety nets in case planned windows were not approved. There was a flexible approach to managing a dynamic project. In the end we did achieve exactly what we wanted with secondary glazing as a result of Prewett Bizley and Bow Tie’s consistent and careful lobbying of Islington planning department until they agreed with what was proposed.”

Toni M

“Bow Tie was a pleasure to work with. I think we were very luck to find them. They gave me a very high level of confidence that all technical aspects were within their control and they knew what they were doing. This was a technical project and it was important for us to be comfortable on those matters. At the other end of the scale, they paid just as much attention to all the niggly, small decorative matters that become very important towards the end of the build. They were impressive right across the range of skills you have to have to get a project like this done well”.

Raza R

“I took on Rafael and Bow Tie to do a large extension in my house with a significant amount of complicated work. Not only was the work done to exactingly high standards but during the negotiations Rafael made many excellent suggestions over and above the work done by the architect which resulted in a build which made more sense for the family, whilst remaining eco-friendly through clever reuse of original materials and inclusion of low-impact products. I did get the benefit of regular updates and involvement in the project so I could see the quality of the work. The company worked 7 days a week for many weeks to bring the project to completion in the shortest possible time, and within the timescale they had suggested. All the onsite employees were polite and meticulously tidy, doing their very best to fit in around us. They have been thorough and speedy in resolving snagging issues, and I can thoroughly recommend their work.”

Carole R

“Rafael demonstrated a great knowledge in respect of building work and was able to draw plans and give advice regarding interior design. He was not only a competent builder but was fully involved in a complete refurbishment job from conception to realisation. The finish result was amazing and is a great demonstration of Rafael’s skills.”